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Our experience with Registry Rebellion was awesome! It allowed us to do something more fun than a standard department store registry. We’re not particularly into purchasing “things” so having an experience-based registry was really appealing to us. It also allowed us to showcase our personalities and try different adventures like skydiving, white water rafting, and archery. We didn’t want our marriage to be about gravy boats and ice cream makers. We wanted it to be about our shared adventures and experiences.

Kira did a great job customizing our registry specifically to our tastes. She listened to what we wanted and pushed us out of our comfort zone when appropriate. It was a great balance.

Kim + Edric, Boston, Massachusetts – Married June 2, 2012

The gifts listed were a true reflection of the couple, and I honestly felt that I knew them better once I had scrolled through their registry’s list of original gifts.

Rather than a typical wedding wish-list like plates or towels, Registry Rebellion creatively revealed what hobbies my friends were pursuing (ie metal work), what they hope to accomplish in the future (ie travel), and how they enjoy spending their free time (ie theater tickets).  I was inspired to get off the couch and do something interesting with my own free time!                        

-Andrea Pilat, New York, New York

Registry Rebellion is super convenient, and best of all, it leaves the gift-giver with a feeling that they’re giving something that the couple will ACTUALLY use and really enjoy.

Who wants a couple to think of them every time they use a vacuum? It also encourages the giving of gifts that are more fun than normal.  Plays, spa-days, learning opportunities, contributing to trips  — these are way more fun to give than things on traditional registries.

-Eric Cunningham, New York, New York

Working with us is like stepping into a hip, virtual boutique. Lots of love. Lots of giggles. A few inside jokes. With inspiring effects that’ll flood every corner of your life. (Not just your gift-list.)

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My friend is a very unique person and I knew that the best gift for her wouldn’t come from a regular store registry site. Registry Rebellion allowed her to put together a collection of gift experiences and large item gift tickets that people could fully purchase or just make a contribution toward that reflected her personality as well as the personality of her groom.

It’s not always exciting to buy someone plates or dish towels, but with the Registry Rebellion site, each gift was meaningful and unique and I had a fun time scrolling through the options and deciding what to select.

-Holly Kearl, Reston, Virginia

I thought that shopping was very convenient and easy.  I loved that the gift descriptions were personalized by the Bride and Groom (and very funny!).

I wanted to get something that Kira and Ez really needed or wanted.  And because we don’t live close by, the shipping was taken care of which was an added bonus.

-Brad Strickland, Charleston, South Carolina

I feel like we’ve all been in that situation…  You go to buy a wedding gift, and all that’s left on the stupid registry is a $75 gravy boat.  Who uses a gravy boat other than Thanksgiving?!   I feel downright uncomfortable celebrating this happy marriage with a vessel for meat juice.  It isn’t representative of the fun, hip couple, and it sure as hell doesn’t represent a gift I would actually choose to give them.

Registry Rebellion is a very refreshing departure from the traditional wedding gift route.  The whole experience just felt so natural… And easy!

I love the “pitch in” feature.  It takes the pressure off spending more than you can actually afford and is perfect for people that don’t know other wedding guests (a coworker, etc.), and therefore typically couldn’t split a gift with someone.

-Kelly Tornes, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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