Rock the Registry

It’s a chance to show the world the kind of life you’re building – and what kind of couple you aspire to be.

It’s an opportunity to lift the veil on your dreams, hidden talents + goals – with gifts + experiences that enrich your lives, support your community, and maybe even bolster a charity you care about.

It’s a vocal hell-NO to wasteful spending + unnecessary consumption – and a vibrant hell-YES to thoughtful + meaningful declarations of LOVE.   Preview our rebellious registry design.


Working with us is like stepping into a hip, virtual boutique. Lots of love. Lots of giggles. A few inside jokes. With inspiring effects that’ll flood every corner of your life. (Not just your gift-list.)

Here’s how we roll, from our initial high-five to our final farewell…

1. YOU BUY IT BELOW.  We set up a lightning-fast phone chat. 10 minutes of cuddle-time. Chemistry clicking? Game on? Onward.

2. WE GRILL YOU. Gently, of course.  You’ll both receive a series of 40 easy-peasy questions about your secret hobbies, your future-goals, experiences you’re longing to have, and the stuff you totally loathe.  30 about you.  10 about your honey.  You’ll have ’em done by the final track of your favorite mix-CD.

3. WE START AN INSPIRATION BOARD, with 20 gifts + experiences we think you’ll adore.  You’ll have a chance to chime in – yes, no, maybe-so. We’ll tweak.  You’ll freak. And lickedy-split, we move on…

4. WE DESIGN YOUR REGISTRY PAGE.  It’s a social portal with gorgeous photos + cheeky captions for everything on your list (and it looks like THIS!).  When friends purchase or pitch in for a gift, the cash goes straight to your PayPal account.

5. FINAL TOUCHES, FOLKS.  We’ll add a snazzy welcome video to your Registry Rebellion page, along with your headshots (big smiles, puh-lease!) and your Year One Manifesto – a declaration of inter-dependence, for your first year of married bliss.

6. SHARING IS CARING.  Once your Registry Rebellion page is LIVE, we’ll give you an avalanche of tips + ideas to spread the link around – to your wedding guests, and your whole social network.  You’ll be flabbergasted as folks ’round the world come out of the woodwork to celebrate your love story – and pitch in.

7. GRATITUDE IS KEY.  Once your pals start donating cash for the gifts + experiences you crave, we’ll give you a batch of sweet ideas to thank your generous gifters, with photos, videos, and notes from the heart. Because the love + connections should keep flowing … long after your wedding day.

PRICETAG: $500  (I currently have one more spot available)


Let’s ROLL.

Send a note to with questions or to kick-start your rebellious registry experience.

Till then, keep the love flowing…




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