Kim + Edric =

The Experience Series


Experience the Rush

We’re all about taking chances.  After all, life is an adventure so we plan on not only diving into marriage this summer, but also diving into … the clouds.  Nothing says I love you quite like tandem skydiving.  Plunging hundreds of feet is a thrill that we both want to experience together.  The big question: who do you want to jump first?  Kim or Edric?  Highest bidder chooses.
$200 ($200 contributed so far)



Experience the Rapids

Before we leave Boston and head to Chi-town, we want to conquer one final challenge.  White water rafting.  Who is in?  This is an opportunity for us to celebrate the kick-off of our new life together with some of our closest friends.  Sans dry clothes.  If you’re not afraid to fall off the raft, get soaked, and paddle like crazy, join us.
$175 ($175 contributed so far)



Experience the Oyster

Many of you have probably heard about our favorite local restaurant, Neptune Oyster. Have you been?  Try it next time you’re in town.  It’s our home away from home, and we’re looking forward to one more romantic dinner before we leave town.
$125 ($125 contributed so far)



Experience the Wave

Kim’s inner surfer is about to be unleashed. Kim will face fears and perfect her form at the beach this summer.  3 hours with a private instructor and a few surfer friends – you game?
$100 ($100 contributed so far)



Experience the Roll

Cooking class for 2. We will perfect the art of sushi rolling together. Throw in a little rice, nori and vino and we will be set. Stir, a demonstration kitchen and cookbook library, is a great spot to learn.
$150 ($150 contributed so far)



Experience Cupid’s Arrow

Together, we’ll conquer the world of archery.  How hard could it be?  Actually, this sport is rather challenging which is why we’re looking forward to a few classes.
$125 ($125 contributed so far)



Experience Chicago Cuisine

We’ll need to make a new home in Chicago.  This means we need a new local restaurant.   We are excited for our first dinner at the Publican, is a new beer-focused restaurant with an eclectic menu inspired by simple farmhouse fare in a space evocative of a European beer hall.  Yum.
$125 ($125 contributed so far)



Experience Movement

Inspired by her love for dancing, Kim is ready to jump back into jazz, hip-hop and ballet with dance classes at Jeannette Neil Dance Studio.  Help Kim get her move on.
$125 ($0 contributed so far)



Experience Big Blue

You may or may not know our deep l-o-v-e for the Giants.  It has been a dream of ours to go to a big game at the MetLife Stadium and hang with the best fans on the East Coast.  Tickets = best. gift. ever.
$200 ($200 contributed so far)



Experience Serenity

We all know wedding planning can be a little stressful at times.  Let’s send our bride to the spa for some R&R time before the big day. Back massage = Happy Bride.
$150 ($0 contributed so far)



Experience the Swing of Things

Edric is perfecting his swing this year with a private lesson. Fore!
$115 ($0 contributed so far)


Gifts for Kim + Edric


Capture the Adventure

As you can see, many trips and new experiences lay ahead of us.  We don’t want to miss a thing.  We want to capture every single moment, every detail, every smile.  We want to take our friends and family with us as we travel.  This is why we are excited to invest in Kim’s personal favorite camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP.  Kim can fine-tune her photography skills and Edric of course, will serve as the muse.  Together, we’ll collect and share all of our experiences with you.
$625 ($625 contributed so far)



Our Adventures.  Our Artwork.

Once we capture all of our adventures from our wedding and first year of marriage, we’re nailing them to the wall!  We are looking forward to selecting a few of the finest photos from our wedding and honeymoon and blowing ’em up + adding a nice lil’ frame.  Our home will transform into a gallery of our life together.
$115 ($75 contributed so far)



An Engineering Guide

Imagine riding the tallest roller coaster of all time.  It is also the steepest, the safest, and the most thrilling.  Did we tell you Edric designed it?  Well, potentially he can do just that once he completes this book: Coasters 101 – An Engineering Guide to Roller Coaster Design.   
$20 ($20 contributed so far)