Create your Manifesto

What are your aspirations for your first year of marriage?  Let’s design the year ahead together.

Gift giving is more than just exchanging embroidered towels.  Or crock pots for that matter.
This is knot just a manifesto, it’s the essence of Registry Rebellion.

1. Giving a gift can be easy, engaging and even playful.

2. Ask for what you want and you’ll get what you want.

3. A single gift can change the world.  Imagine what a dozen can do.

4. When you design your gift registry, you design your life.

5. A gift leads to empowerment.  A gift leads to change.  A gift can even lead to those ukulele lessons you always wanted.

6. A gift registry is a platform for you to share your vision with the people you like most … and your Aunt Bessy.

7. Giving a gift doesn’t need to be a pain – it can be pleasurable.

8. There is more to life than pots, pans, and linens. Unless you’re into that.

9. People desire connection.  Exchanging gifts is an easy way to welcome someone into your life.

10. When you build a registry, you commit to a colorful new life.  Are you ready?

Build your registry and manifesto with me.  Design your future by your rules – and by all means, celebrate.  You’re about to rock your registry.

Rock your registry.

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