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Once that engagement ring slides on your finger, life gets wild. Absolutely WILD. I know. I’ve been there.

If you’re anything like me, preparing to marry the love of your life is the farthest thing from “settling down.” Quite the opposite. This is a time to rise UP — to reassert your independence, to rediscover lost passions, and to shift into a space of accelerated transformation + growth … emotionally, mentally, physically + spiritually.

Preparing for your wedding is an ELECTRIC time. And you can ride that wave of endorphins + adrenaline to accomplish grand + unbelievable things. Instead of cutting back on work, soirees, travel, and extracurricular pleasures, you can dive in — full-throttle. You can move into that new apartment on Avenue B. You can land that promotion — or maybe launch a new business. You can dazzle your pals + peers with your lovin’ glow — and with your commitment to keep dreaming, keep growing, and keep redefining what matters … and what makes you come alive.

But let’s back it up. First, I’ll tell you about my escapades as a bride-to-be in NYC — and the story of how Registry Rebellion became my entrepreneurial love-child.

My love story.

I met my husband at a boozey pumpkin carving contest. He took my picture. And then took me on a date. And a few more. Six months later, we were laughing and dreaming and truth-telling and swoony-forever-devoted. He proposed to me next to his urban beehive, on a rooftop deck in the Meatpacking district. The ring was hidden inside the buzzing cluster of honey + wax. And the rest is (recent) history.

These cake pops followed us on our Mini-Moon.

My skills + smarts.

I’ve had an eclectic career, both as an entrepreneur + a busy worker-bee. I’ve tweaked in-store designs for Estée Lauder cosmetics, planned gala banquets + fundraisers for an NYC non-profit, pumped passion + chutzpah into a groovy tech start-up — and honed my street-smarts (and squeegee skills) as a rental car washer, in downtown Brooklyn.

Spark. Sizzle. POW.

All my life, I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit — like a tiny orange spark, waiting for the Big Idea to arrive, and swirl my world into a blazing bonfire.

That Big Idea came to me during the wildest + most intense year of my life — the year I planned my wedding. I came crunching into a problem, and couldn’t find a joyful solution.
So like any hyper-creative gal with tech-chops woulda done: I created one.

The problem.

In a word, or three? Traditional registries blow. As a bride-to-be, I hated the idea of compiling a dull-as-a-doorknob gift list, for my beloved guests. I procrastinated, ignored the inevitable, and groaned at the thought of cataloguing cutlery under the fluorescent lights at my local departmental store. It felt so impersonal…grabby…and gross.

And it struck me — what if there was a registry service that made couples feel like creative superheroes, instead of icky-needy-gift-getters? What if there was a registry service that pushed people to share their desires, dreams + ambitions with the people who love them — and want to help them? What if there was a registry service that was profoundly personal, experience-centered, stylish, spunky, and 1,000% awesome?

About a hundred what-ifs later … Registry Rebellion was born. And it’s all that, and more.

Me. Now. Today.

As the voice + creator of Registry Rebellion — and your personal registry magician — I am your rebellious curator, your storyteller, your art director and your challenger.

Under my care + design wizardry, your l-o-v-e story will be translated into a curated gallery of gifts + experiences — from sky-diving lessons for her, to calligraphy lessons for him.

Want tangible gifts, too? You got it. But they’ll be meaningful, unique and utterly, undeniably YOU. Your guests will have a chance to to enhance your life, in rich + radical ways. And with my help, you’ll find new ways to shower them with gratitude, and keep them in your life … long after those sacred “I dos” are all said ‘n done.

Let’s play.

Take a peek at our Gallery of Rebellious Registries + Stark-Raving Kudos.
Inspiration overload, to the max.

And when you’re ready to start building your registry — and sharing your love story with the world — give me a shout. And we’ll rock it out.


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