Want more.

Once you start writing down what you want – what you truly want – the list will grow exponentially. You’ll find yourself sauntering away from the list and then scurrying back five minutes later, recalling something else you desire.

It turns out, you want a lot. And that is a good thing. You may not think of your desires day-to-day and I’d even bet that some have been hibernating for years, but once you open the door to these new guests, they will come flooding in.



Photo Courtesy of Kelly Prizel Photography


Before you know it, you will have a list a mile long, ranging from “I want to speak at a TED conference” to “I want an organized closet, finally!” to something as simple as “I want to hang with my brother more often”. Your professional goals will blend harmoniously with your personal aspirations.

Collectively, you end up with a list that allows you to breathe a sigh of relief and say, That’s everything. Everything I want to be. Everything I’ve been too afraid to share with even my closest friends. Everything I can imagine. I’m not holding back. My list is alive.

And as soon as the list is alive and breathing in the universe – whether you store it in your iPhone or you scribble it down on a pad of paper – you have given yourself permission to demand more from yourself, from others, and from life in general. You stop hiding.

How do you actually become your list? It’s great to imagine yourself in new roles and accomplishing new feats, but how do you get from point A to point B?

That’s the challenge.



Courtesy of Kelly Prizel Photography


For me, I have selected three “buckets” of focus for each day. Three is basically all I can remember and all I have the energy to act upon. Here they are: One. My Family. Two. My Body. And three. My Rebellion (building the Registry Rebellion brand is something I try to do every single day). I can group 99% of my desires into one of these three categories.

I choose to take action daily within all three “buckets”. For example, if I can’t attend a yoga class, I’ll take a long bath because that feels oh-so-good on the Body. The goal is nourishment and long-term health, not forcing myself on the stair master seven days a week. For my Family, we might cook together or jump in the car for a mini road trip to a nearby town. And to continue to build the Rebellion brand and community, I might dedicate 30 minutes to writing a blog post or designing new Pinterest boards.

The goal is to do something in each bucket that will help you land closer to your list of desires. Don’t put a time limit on it. The timing will fluctuate day-to-day and while you may be able to spend four hours writing one day, you may only be able to spend 20 minutes the next.


Photo Courtesy of Kelly Prizel Photography

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Prizel Photography


Forgive yourself on days that are primarily focused on one bucket and neglect another. It will even out in the long-run. Don’t beat yourself up and remember to start over every single day.

RECAP: take at least 30 minutes in a stress-free zone to write or type out every single thing you want out of life. Nothing is off limits. This is professional, this is personal, this is fantastical. Your list can be five lines long or even five pages. Doesn’t matter. Once you’re finished, store that list. Post it or save it. You should refer back to it daily.

Create three buckets of focus that work well for your aspirations. The broader, the better. What can you group your long list of desires into?

Give yourself permission to play within each “bucket” every day. It should be fun … otherwise, what’s the point?

And how do you know if you’re making progress?  You’ll feel good. You’ll feel whole. And you don’t have to wait for that feeling. You can feel it every single day.

I’m curious, how do you make things happen in your day-to-day? What has helped you live closer to your goals? Please share with our Community.

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