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I stumbled across Morgan Whitney Neal’s (@morganwneal) engagement story this week and it put a huge smile on my face. I thought it might do the same for you.

The Story: You can’t sum up love but you can sum up the story (for the full story, skip over here)…

Morgan loves Christmas but her fiancé Dustin is less than crazy about pagan traditions a la the Christmas tree. The compromise? Skip the tree this year and find a gorgeous one for next year. Seems fair enough.

Courtesy of Morgan Whitney Neal

Courtesy of Morgan Whitney Neal


Understanding Morgan’s affinity for Christmas trees, fiancé Dustin decided to surprise her with an exquisite tree. Upon arriving home from work, Morgan would find the glowing pine, decorated to the nines.

Well, Dustin didn’t just give Morgan a tree. He also gave her a diamond. Well done, Dustin.

Lucky for us, he recorded the entire proposal for us to see.

My favorite part of the video: Morgan absolutely lights up as soon as she sees the tree. Dustin didn’t even need to pop the question – he already made Morgan’s Christmas complete. It reminds me how significant something as simple as a surprise, a gift, or even a tree can be during the holidays.



After watching the proposal, I had a few follow-up questions for Morgan…

Kira: Were you suspicious at all? Any idea this was coming?

Morgan: We had talked about getting marred on our two year anniversary – we were on a hike and I definitely thought it was going to happen then. Obviously now, I am so glad it didn’t because I had this amazing proposal. But I honestly didn’t even think he had the ring yet, anytime we were out and people asked it was always, “I don’t have the money.”

Kira: What excites you most about the wedding?

Morgan: I’m most excited just to be married. But as far as the wedding stuff goes I think I’m most excited about finding the dress. My parents are newly divorced – so I get to be the go-between on money. So it makes the whole process a little more stressful. Plus, Dustin & I both have busy work schedules so we will have to work our day around that as well. We know we want a destination wedding – but I also don’t want to blow the bank. 1.) It’s not my money and 2.) It’s one day.

Kira: I want to high five your fiancé. He did goooood, really good. So tell us about your man …

Morgan: My FIANCÉ – still not used to that, I mistakenly called him boyfriend the other day – is in his own words “awesome” and I guess I must agree. But everyone thinks that about their fiancé don’t they?

Dustin is a school teacher & football coach. We met at a country club where I was a waitress & he was (and still is) the pool manager in the summers. He definitely was interested first, and I definitely thought he was annoying. He liked to pick and make fun – which is his way of flirting. So for the first month I just threw whatever he said back in his face – and got gradually more and more annoyed. But then I saw some the sweet side of him & I was at a point in my life where I was ready to just date but was in no way interested in a relationship.

Of course on our first date I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him – it was a gut feeling, and for an over-thinker like me it was totally terrifying. But I’m so glad I listened to my gut, because I’ve never been with someone so honest & loving. And although he still makes fun of me & puts me in my place when I need it – which is more often than not – I’ve never not trusted him. And that is something I never thought I would have…

Kira: One last question. How would you describe your dream wedding?

Morgan: An intimate event with all the people that love us and we are around most. A celebration of our future and as Sex and the City so eloquently put it a wedding that “isn’t bigger than [us].”

Thanks for sharing your story, Morgan.

Check out Morgan’s blog to follow her wedding adventure. And if you are recently engaged, consider creating a blog to share your wedding story as well. It’s an efficient way for family and friends to feel connected to you and your partner. It’s also an easy way for you to slow down and capture the details of the day-to-day because it will fly by.

If you’ve created your own wedding blog, share it in the comments below. 

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