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Planning your dream wedding is a lot like designing your ideal life — you’re juggling high expectations, shifting priorities, budget flip-flops + family pressure — all while trying to stay committed to your core identity. Your truth. What you stand for. What you believe in. The world you want to create, for yourself + your partner — and the person you want to become.

At Registry Rebellion (formally Knot a Registry), we believe that your wedding registry can be so much more than a collection of meaningless trinkets for Aunt Bessy to buy. It can be a symbol. An art-piece.

An inspiration-board. A challenge. A way for your guests — and virtual admirers you haven’t even met yet — to play an active + intimate role in your unfolding love story.

Your registry (sneak peek: our rebellious registry design) can be a portal for creative expression, personal development, artistry +  storytelling — made visible. Made clickable. Made shareable. Made meaningful.

Feral Camping vs. Bathroom Towels (hmmm…)








We’re radicalizing the whole concept of gift-giving — making it personal, playful and memorable for the starry-eyed bride + groom…and the people who’re rooting for you.

Want to create a registry that inspires audible oohs + aahs — no cutlery, saucepans, or monogrammed towels allowed?

Let’s connect. We’ll craft a radical plan for your gift-list, your top-secret goals + your first year of wedlock. And in no time, you’ll have a digital registry — that rocks.

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